So, btw . . . I just sent out a good old fashioned email.  I know, right?  So . . . if you aren't on our email list then click up there on the right hand side of this website where it says "JOIN OUR LIST" and  . . . you know . . . join our list.  invite others to join us too.  This party is so much fun when there's tons of love coming and going!

So we had a fantastic show last night at Red Sky Tapas+Bar.  If you missed it . . . sorry about that.  We are generally there the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Next show should be Sept 20 - if that changes we will let you know.  Kelley Osborne, one of our long time fans, was there and captured a great moment.  I'm gonna start posting all the cool pictures and sketches we get from you guys right here on the front page of the website - so send us your best!  Here's Kelley's pic:

So send us your pics, sketches . . . poetry . . . whatever you want and as long as its nice and Kayla doesn't look fat - we will post it.  Just best to get the boundaries set in the beginning!!!!

Hey Folks.  Come join us for a Post Valentine's Aftermath Gig!  $5 cocktails, $5 martinis & show them this ad and get 1/2 off bottles of wine or glasses of wine!  WOOHOO!   WE LOVE YOU!!!

Red Sky Valentines poster

GET YOUR TICKETS!   Our awesome Holiday Show is THIS SUNDAY and we are going to be joined by our friend John Driskell Hopkins.  John, as you may know, is a founding and current member of the Zac Brown Band.  HOWEVER, before he was a big famous star - he was our friend and fellow musician/songwriter/producer on the local Atlanta Music scene.  John is still John and looking forward to having him at our show and sitting in with us!

Don't miss this show.  See ya Sunday Night!  Peace. Love. Jazz. Holiday Joy!

Hello Sweet People of the world!

We are so happy to see you here.  Its Holiday Time.  Next week is Thanksgiving - make a gratitude list if you haven't done that lately.  Chances are if you are reading this . . . you've got at least 1 thing to be grateful for and that's more than a lot of folks.

We've got a fantastic Holiday show headed your way on Sunday, December 10.  Tickets are going on sale this week and will NOT BE SOLD through the restaurant so don't call them about buying tickets.  ;). They will however, be happy to sell you food and beverages that night so come prepared to get your Holiday Cheer ON!!!!   Soon as tickets go live I will make a post with the link here.

This Thursday, NOV 16: Kayla, Steve & Randy will be at Red Sky Tapas doing their jazzy little thing from 7p - 10p so come on out and enjoy live music and fabulous food & drinks.  

Saturday, NOV 18:  Retrograde Duo is appearing at Adele's on Canton in historic downtown Roswell.  7p - 10p Y'all Come on out and eat some genuine Cajun food with us!

We could use your help.  Join Kayla Taylor Jazz (the whole 5 piece) and Kayla's other band - 120 East for a night of music and dining.  We're raising funds for RESCUE REPURPOSE REDEEM.  A social enterprise program off Sweetwater Mission.   Tickets are available at:


Memorial Day

Its Memorial Day Weekend. There are actually folks out there that don't know what that means.  So . . . allow me . . . . 

Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday in which we honor those who died serving in our armed forces.  It began right after the Civil War and became known as "Decoration Day" because of the act of decorating the graves of soldiers.  It became known-ish as Memorial Day around 1882 but that didn't become officially the name until after WWII.  Originally it was a holiday that was celebrated on May 30th - regardless of what day of the week it fell on.  A bill was passed in 1968 (the Uniform Monday Holiday Act) that moved four holidays, including Memorial Day to Mondays in order to create 3-day weekends.  Lots of controversy about that when it happened for fear that folks would only think of Memorial Day as the first long weekend of Summer.  Let's do our part and keep the spirit of what this holiday is all about alive.  Make sure you spread the word.   THANK YOU to those who choose to serve in the armed forces and for those who have lost loved ones while they served in the armed forces . . . thank you for YOUR service and sacrifices, too.

Hello Everyone.

I'm going to create an FAQ page but until that happens . . . here is where you can see both bands on a regular basis:

RETROGRADE - Every single Wednesday night at Ray's in the City 6p - 10p

Kayla Taylor Trio - Every single Friday night at Ray's in the City 7p - 11p

Now - if for some reason we were to get an enormously outrageously priced gig for a private client - trust me - we'll be there instead.  Our Facebook pages stay current and you can always check last minute to make sure that's where we are headed.  Sometimes if the jazz trio can't be together but Kayla can do the gig - then she will swap jazz for Retrograde.  Same Kayla - different music.  If you love the jazz trio or 5 piece combo - you will also love Retrograde.  If you love Retrograde - you will also love the jazz combo or trio.  We promise.  If you don't - well, there are great therapist, hypotherapists and medications that can assist you with your insanity!

FACEBOOK FOR Kayla Taylor Jazz: (click here)    FACEBOOK FOR Retrograde:  (Click here)

Why are we at Ray's in the City?  Because we love the staff, we love the food, we love the service.  We do NOT like to play at a venue that doesn't have great staff, food and service.  WE value your time and money way more than that.  If you have an unfavorable experience at any venue we play at.  Please contact us personally and let us know and we will pass you experience along to the powers that be and follow up with you to make sure you are okay.  We love you guys and we value our relationships with each and every one of you.

Where the heck is Ray's in the City?  240 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA - DOWNTOWN - its a whole new experience and you need to just get your mind around it and make the trek to downtown.  UBER. MARTA. LIMO. Drive yourselves.  Its worth the trip!

HOORAY FOR 2017.  Its going to be an awesome year for all of us.  I know this because I just know this.  We want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you are enjoying it so far.  We have a lot of stuff going on with all the acts* and hope you will make it out to a show ASAP!  We love you guys.  If you'd like to host a home show/concert . . . . 

Tavola Logo

We are thrilled to be heading back to TAVOLA Italian Kitchen + Bar this Thursday night with our 4 piece!  Wooohooo!  Jazz standards andblues and some fantastic Italian Food.  This is gonna rock in a jazzy way.  Please call ahead to reserve your table.  Don't worry, we have speakers posted throughout the restaurant so you will be able to hear in any area you are seated.  We're excited to see you and play your favorite tunes.

TAVOLA Italian Kitchen +Bar

THU AUG 11 2016  //  7p - 10p

Book your reservations now by calling:  770.575.3001


Our dear friend, Herman Jones, Jr, passed away on Friday, May 27, 2016. Herman played saxophone back in the day in our band when we were at Ray's on the River as the house band on Thurs, Fri, Sat nites. He was an awesome bandmate and saxophonist. ALWAYS smiling. ALWAYS ready for the gig.  During our tenure at Ray's, Herman was offered a job as the Band Director at Benedict College in Columbia, SC, and so we said farewell as he moved on to another part of his journey. We all got to see each other a few years ago at fellow bandmate, Patrick Cowan's, wedding. Herman attended with his beautiful wife, Demetria. It was just the greatest surprise for all of us to be together again after so many years apart. None of us knew it would be the last time we'd see Herman. We loved Herman. We love him still. We know many of you would want to know that Herman has passed. Please keep his wife and two children and the rest of his family and friends in your prayers. This was completely unexpected - no warning. He collapsed while teaching class and was in the hospital in an induced coma and when they started bringing him out of the coma . . . things just didn't work out for those of us over here on the other side. RIP Herman Jones, Jr. We will always love you. We will always call you our HERMAN-ator! We miss you.


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