But . . . . I like it warm.  HOT is, well . . . hot!  So . . . with summer upon us and the HOT WEATHER beaming down already here in the ATL, what's a girl to do?  Well, what I do is play music in as many climate controlled environments as possible!  The boys dig the climate control, too.  Who doesn't, really?  I have curly hair.  You may or may not have noticed.  Heat = sweat = more curls.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I have straight hair just like up there on top of the website ^. That's called Denial!  What does all of this have to do with music?  I'll tell ya - come on out to one of our fabulously climate controlled gigs and enjoy some beautiful jazz with Kayla Taylor Jazz or some groovy retro tunes with Retrograde Acoustic Duo.   All the dates are listed on the page called GIGS.

We will be back at TAVOLA after the Summer.  It was hard to get our schedules together with vacations happening on our end and on the restaurant's end . . .  so we will be back there in August.  Yippee!!!!  

Y'all enjoy the beautiful summer and send us some pictures from your vacations, or your gardens, or y'all just having fun.  

Peace, Love, Jazz & Folk Rock!

Come join us for another fantastic night of jazz and fabulous Italian Food at Tavola.  THEY'RE OFFICiALLY TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR OUR NIGHT ONLY!  So give them a shout at 770.575.3001.  We can't wait to see you there!!!

tavola logo
THU MAR 10 7p - 10p 
@ Tavola Italian Kitchen & Bar
4719 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA  30068 
 770.575.3001 www.tavolaga.com 
(featuring Kayla Taylor - vocals; Steve Moore-guitar; Randy Hunter - sax; & Chris Riggenbach - upright bass)

WOW!  We just found out from Vincent, the owner of Tavola Italian Kitchen + Bar, that they plan to donate a portion of their proceeds from Thursday night's sales to the American Heart Association.  Vincent's family has recently been touched by heart disease and we are happy to help promote this most awesome night and help him raise more money to help in the fight against heart disease.  So . . . while you are at our gig enjoying the finest in Rat Pack Jazz, noshing on delicious Italian food - you'll also be helping The American Heart Association.  

COME JOIN US for a great night.   THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2016, 7p - 10p,  Tavola Italian Kitchen, 4719 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA  30068.

Wow.  Here it is again. Thanksgiving.  Then Hanukah.  Then Christmas.  Then the New Year.  2016.  Its happened.  Another year has flown by 

MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW to join Kayla Taylor, Gwen Hughes, Melanie Dobbins, Tom LaDow and the Jazz Jones Legacy for the DIVAS of SWING shows!   Friday, September 18 @ Chukkar Farms  and Sunday, September 20 @ The Chattahoochee Nature Center.  The concerts are benefitting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and are going to be massively entertaining.  Do NOT miss these shows!

This is the link to purchase tickets:  https://www.eventbrite.com/d/ga--roswell/atlanta-plays-it-forward/?view=list

We're in full SWING preparing for the next shows with the "DIVAS"
Throughout this spring, summer and early fall.
This month's concerts benefit Childeren's Healthcare of Atlanta
Up Next: 

Divas of Swing 

September 18
 Chukkar Farm, 8 p.m. Friday

September 20
 Chattahoochee Nature Center, 6 p.m. Sunday

Accompanied by The Jazz Jones Legacy, Atlanta's star vocalists bring an exciting evening of song:

Kayla Taylor has the vocal control of a jazz songbird combined with the power of a rock vocalist, which makes for an experience that is both exciting and heartwarming.

Melanie Dobbins sings a wide musical genre with a beautiful simplicity--and, like a fine bottle of wine--has a voice that's smooth and expressive.

Gwen Hughes has a feline sense of assurance onstage and a voice full of humor. Imagine if Tina Turner and Cassandra Wilson somehow combined genetic material.. 

Reservations/tickets are available
Early Bird Prices Are:  
Pavilion Level -  Reserved Seating (Tables & Chairs provided)
Table for two-$40   
Table for four-$75
Table for six-$110    
Table for eight-$145
General Admission , first come first serve, bring your own lawn chair (no tables allowed)  $15 per person
Atlanta Plays it Forward supports a different local charity at each concert.
Corporate sponsorships for tables, concerts or the season are available!
Purchase your early bird seats now at: 

I gotta tell ya . . . its been a hot one down here in ATL or up here - or over here depending on where in the world you are.  Hope everyone is finding a way to stay comfortable.  Me, I'm running around trying to keep everything growing cause its been so dry.  We've got exciting shows coming up but wanted to give you a heads up that we're still at Ray's in the City - every Friday night except when we aren't so make sure you check the schedule to see if we are indeed there or email us at kaylataylorjazz@gmail.com to double check.

Now - a great show coming up NEXT WEEKEND.  Its on the patio that is shared by The New Orleans SnoBall Cafe and Dos Madras in Decatur, GA on West Ponce DeLeon.  We're playing there as a quartet from 5pm - 8pm.  Come on out and have some food, cocktails and snoballs.  That's SUNDAY AUGUST 9.  We sure would love to see y'all.  Bring your kids and make an evening of it.  Its early.  

That's about it for right now.  Let us know if you need us - we're always booking shows for private situations and we'd love to book one for you.


 Wow, folks!  It's been a minute since we've been able to bring the jazz trio back out to East Cobb and we've really missed you!  The wait is OVER!

Kayla Taylor Trio (featuring Steve Moore, guitar & Randy Hunter, tenor sax) will be performing this Thursday night, June 18 from 7:30-ish to 10:00 at COMMON QUARTER in East Cobb.  1205 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA.  You can call to make a reservation: 678.809.4040.  

Fantastic Food.  Incredible selection of adult beverages. Great music from us.  Great company because you'll be there.  


This is our first time there and we hope that you'll join us.  We'd love this to become a regular performance spot for us and you can help make that happen.  


Please come join us for a wonderful night with Kayla Taylor Quintet at this lovely little gem in Decatur.  The food is fantastic and the music will be even better - but nothing is as good as haivng you there - so come on out and join us.  We'll be playing from 7p - 11p and if the response is good then it will turn into a regular monthly gig for the quintet!  HOORAY!  

Well, Summer has arrived here in Atlanta - not officially - but sweltering heat and humidity = Summer Time to me.  It also means great music abounds on the patios, decks, restaurants, hotels, event centers, private homes, etc.  Sure - I'm in a band that plays live music - but even if I weren't - I'd be out supporting live music - especially during the Summer Months.  Make sure you are out there supporting live music, too.  Without you - there would be no US.  We know this and we never forget it.  Thanks for being here for us and all the other musicians each of you support.  MWAH!  We love you very much!!!

About time, right?  It's still a bit chilly but I can finally "feel the scent of roses in the air"!  Its been a long, hard, cold winter and I'm just not used to that so I'm ready to have some relief.  We just wanted to say that we love and appreciate each of you more than you will ever know.  Its because of each of you that we get to do what we love to do.  We hope to have a new CD available by late Summer and are looking forward to some great shows this year.  So - get ready and we'll keep you posted.  Tell all your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, relatives and strangers on the street that we need 'em and we'll always love and appreciate 'em.  Come by often and check out the news.  Peace!

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